Man Power Overseas & European Countries

There are certain times, when you have no other option but to look for outsourcing extra manpower for your work. It is hard to work on every detailed project of your company, single handedly. You have limited time and limited resources to cover up massive work. Therefore, it is during such instances, when you have to work on the best manpower recruitment services. And for that, relying on a reputed company is a clever choice. And when we are talking about a reputed firm, we are practically talking about Al Hussam Staffing Service Pvt Ltd. for best manpower services. We would get the best one from manpower recruitment services.

Manpower Services – Reasons To Choose Us

We cannot deny the fact the outsourcing manpower has become a modern trend, these days. There must be some reasons to choose us over others, as the competition is quite tough, over here. With the help of our reputed team, making the right choice is not a crucial task. We have been associated with such services for years, and know what clients are currently looking for. And you are always going to get services from our side.

  • We would only provide you with the required manpower, after checking on your agency. You might have different important notes in your mind, and willing to choose the best expert in town. And we will help you with that.
  • As we have separate manpower for separate industries, so you will get a well-trained one, every time you order for it. Each one of our professionals is different in work.
  • Work ethics are what we follow the most. Each company has its own sets of rules, and our manpower will adjust its routines, accordingly.
  • Whether national or international clients, we never compromise on the quality. Practically it remains the same and with great thoughts, too.
  • We are here to offer global recruitment services to our clients. We know what you want, and can customize our sources, accordingly.
Abroad Studies

Education is not limited to the physical boundaries of a state, it is a dynamic entity connecting the world via courses, universities, students, professors and researchers. Taking the path to abroad education is probably going to be the best decision of your lifetime, which will define your upcoming 30-50 years.

Why Study Abroad?

For those who are sceptical about pursuing higher education, there is a wide range of benefits you can avail of from this experience. Grabbing a degree from abroad will help you outshine the crowd as well as take you closer to your career aspirations. 

Quality Education

Do you aspire to get international exposure in your field of interest? Taking the decision to study abroad, you can explore diverse educational opportunities at globally acclaimed institutions. Further, international institutions emphasise imparting students not only theoretical knowledge but also immense research opportunities and practical experiences in their field of interest. You will get to learn from global faculty and industry leaders which will help you explore your field of study in a wholesome manner. 

Explore Global Career Opportunities 

The career opportunities available to an individual after the completion of a course determines whether the struggle of attaining the programme paid off or not. Securing a degree abroad will provide you with a plethora of career prospects at the international level. You can also explore job opportunities at internationally renowned names in your field or if you are interested in establishing a career in research, the global academic institutions also provide immense research exposure as well!

International Air Ticketing

We offer the best of packages at the best of prices. Travel packages have paved way for large number of travellers to explore different destination and core offers a range of packages that will attract and make anyone plan a holiday. Al Hussam Staffing Service Pvt Ltd. would like to take responsibility and believes in creating the precise travel schedule and plan.

Why is Al Hussam Staffing Service Pvt Ltd. the right travel partner?
  • Your entire holiday is designed around your interest and budget.
  • Explore your interests at your own speed.
  • Select your preferred accommodation & vehicle.
  • Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists.
Packages Available:
    • Family Package
    • School/College Package
    • Industrial Visit Package
    • Weekend Getaway Package
    • Religious Package
    • Honeymoon Package
    • Beach Package
    • Summer,Winter Package
Training & Services Provider

At al hussam staffing service pvt ltd, we offer your transformation, both personally and professionally. We provide all round training programs that can be customised as per the needs and requirements of the client. Our programs enable the people build and enhance their skills and competencies in all sphere of their life. We focus on engaging training programs to help your company/ institution to build your strength in terms of every aspect of your employees or students. We have our training programs structured as below:

  • Customer support services: inbound / outbound call center services that address customer queries and concerns through phone, email and chat.
  • Technical support services : Installation, product support, running support, troubleshooting, usage support and problem resolution for computer software, hardware, peripherals and internet infrastructure.
  • Telemarketing services : Interacting with potential customers and creating interest for the customer’s services/ products.
  • Data entry and data processing : Data entry from paper, books, images, e-books, yellow pages, web sites, business cards, printed documents, software applications, receipts, bills, catalog and mailing lists.
  • Data conversion services : Data conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets and software applications. Data conversion of raw data into PDF, HTML, Word or Acrobat formats.
  • Online research : Internet search, product research, market research, surveys, analysis, web research and mailing list research.